Frank Iudiciani. Frank is the OTS's interweb and social media consultant. Frank came on board the OTS in January 2015 and has been absolutely perfect to work with. We just can't say enough good things about him. Frank and his family are avid sports enthusiasts of all types and they get around to many events across North America all year. Frank has had to curtail his OTS efforts but is staying with us to consult and will get more involved down the road as opportunities allow. Frank and his lovely wife Chelsea along with their young son Isaac live in the Niagara area. We look forward to Frank being a part of the OTS as long as possible. Thanks much for all you do to promote the OTS Frank! You're much appreciated.

Owner/President, Ken Bayliss. Ken's been around motorsports for most of his life. Ken's a past motorcycle flat track racer and an ex Official and competitor of the Southern Ontario Sprints. Ken retired from flat track motorcycle racing at the end of the 1994 season after a nasty crash at the Three Rivers Quebec 1/2 mile CMA National. In 1996 for their last race of the season Ken got involved with the SOS at the invitation by then President, Mr. Jon Banas. It's been sprint cars for Ken ever since. Ken has 8 children and lives in Hagersville ON with the love of his life, Kathy Henhawk. 

The Ontario Topless Sprints was born as an idea by Ken Bayliss back in 2009. It took Ken two years to get an Ontario track to agree to hold a race for the new to Ontario concept of open engined non wing sprint cars on dirt. In 2011 the New Humberstone Speedway agreed to hold our first event and on Aug. 26th 2011 we had our very first race with Robbie Shuttleworth from NY State (an ex USAC Sprint Series competitior) taking the checkers. We had 11 competitors that evening and everybody enjoyed themselves. Non wing sprint car racing had arrived in Ontario!

​Kathy Henhawk. Without Kathy's efforts there would be no OTS. Behind the scenes is where Kathy works. In her pic here she's just finished installing the engine in Ken Bayliss's first sprint car, which she did by herself. Typically nowadays Kathy designs forms, letters, logos, whatever the OTS needs from her home office. It's not likely Kathy will be seen at many OTS races as she's enjoying life very much with hanging around her brand new grandson.

Dean St. Denis. Dean is not new to the sprint car world. Dean is a retired SOD and SOS competitor. Dean has agreed to accept the position of Coneman/Tech Official with the OTS. Dean is a truck driver and is married to his lovely wife Tammy. They reside in the Windsor ON area with the 5 kids and their grandaughter. With Dean's past experience we're really looking forward to the improvements Dean will bring to the OTS. Thanks for coming on board Dean!

Jarrod "J-Rod" St. Denis. Jarrod was recruited by his Dad to come on board the OTS for our 2 day season ending deal at South Buxton. Jarrod is and will be somewhat in training for the Coneman and Tech duties for 2016. Jarrod's presently working in construction and going to school for his Mechanics Degree. Jarrod's presently restoring a Dodge "Scamp" car from the 1970's, loves working on cars and is a huge fan of motorsports. Welcome aboard Jarrod! 

welcome to the Ontario Topless Sprints!




Starting in 2012 Ken Bayliss, a self professed "genius" realized he was going to need help running the OTS and that it was more than one person could comfortably manage. So he got some help. Below is a little info on the people that help make the OTS events happen. Their love of the sport and help is much appreciated and the OTS wouldn't be what it is without their efforts. They're all very approachable and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the OTS or non wing sprint car racing. 

Tammy St. Denis. Tammy has recently accepted the position of OTS PR/Social Media Official. Tammy claims to be an adrenaline junkie, loves racing and was introduced to sprint cars through her husband Dean. Tammy has 5 children and an amazing grandaughter. Tammy hails from the Windsor ON area and is looking forward to her new position with the OTS.  We welcome Tammy on board and can't wait to see her rock her new position. Thanks for getting involved Tammy!